Why I Created New Alphabet Dot Marker Sets

During most school years my PreK students have loved using dot markers. I generally rotate a dot marker activity as one of my centers every few weeks. There are a few reasons why I felt the need to create new alphabet dot marker pages for my classroom.

Students love using dot markers and do not stop at one page.

When a student likes dot markers he or she will do several pages during the week and sometimes several pages in a day. Because of this I do not want just one alphabet dot marker activity at that center.

There are many sets of alphabet dot marker pages available around on many sites. However, most of them have a single page for each letter. If you are having a letter focus on a particular letter then there is only one page to put out at the center. So I decided to remedy this by creating sets of dot marker letter searches with several for capital letters as well as lowercase letters.

Students are working at different levels.

Some of my students are just starting to get good at recognizing letters.  Other students are ready to start thinking about what letters different words begin with.  I decided to make not only letter recognition pages, but also created some pages with a few clip art pictures to dot if they start with the letter.  This way the student who flies through five find the letter pages can start working on thinking about what the letter sounds are.

L dot marker with letter sounds

Students want to dot everything.

My students also really want to dot everything on the page. Most alphabet dot marker letter searches only have the student dot the letter they are searching for, which leaves much of the paper with no color. To solve that I sometimes let my students pick a second color to dot all the letters that were not the letter they were searching for. My students understood this and a few of them even started creating their own key at the top or bottom of the page. I have added a key at the top of my dot marker pages that is similar to this.

Every classroom or home does not have the same supplies.

You can use whatever dot marker colors you have for these pages, or utilize crayons or other drawing supplies to complete these pages.  I would suggest the teacher make the key the first time you put out these pages. As students get familiar with the idea they can choose the colors they would like to use to create the key and do the dotting.

You can find dot markers at the affiliate link below.  (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

If you are interested in these dot marker pages, please check out the Letter L Dot Marker freebie to get an idea of what they are like. You will notice that the color and gray scale pages are not exactly the same so that you can put out both for more variety.

Alphabet Letter L Dot Marker Center

You can find the bundle that will include the entire alphabet if you click the cover below.

ABC Dot Marker Bundle

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