Sneak Peek Open House in PreK

Sneak Peek Open House for PreK

It is finally time for back to school so we are ready for our Sneak Peek Open House for PreK.

Sneak Peek Open House Classroom Door

Since I did not get an entire year as Rainforest Friends, I am keeping this theme for another school year.  I did freshen up my door with some leaves cut from card stock this time since the leaves I used of construction paper last year faded a ton.  The instructions for leaves were found here.

Sneak Peek Coat Hooks Jobs

Sneak Peek Coat Hooks and Jobs

I spent quite a bit of time printing labels for our Sneak Peek Open House in PreK.  Since we have a new teacher I also helped her decorate her room with a whales theme.  You can see the coat hook labels for both Rainforest and Whales themes above, along with classroom jobs for each.

Sneak Peek Circle Time

Sneak Peek Circle Time

My circle time got a bit of freshening up, but I can see a color poster that needs some straightening in my photo.  The colors posters can be found in my shop and the calendar is part of my Rainforest Bundle.

Sneak Peek Whales Circle Time

Sneak Peek Whales Circle Time

In my new teammate’s classroom I made an alphabet set and a calendar set for her circle time area.  These are both part of the Whales Bundle.  I love the rainbow whales on the calendar.

Sneak Peek Supplies

Sneak Peek Supplies Caddies

This year we will be using individual supply caddies for our main supplies.  Since this is new for us I created new labels.  I printed them full size and two pages to a page to have a set that would fit on the caddies, which we purchased at Dollar Tree.

Sneak Peek Birthday and Library

Sneak Peek Birthday Display and Library Seating

I freshened up my birthday display with new bags this year.  Each bag has a rainforest animal with the student’s name and birthday on it.  Students enjoy looking for their bag on the wall during snack and lunch time.

Something new to the classroom this year is the seating in the library.  Last year I had a dog bed from IKEA, but we needed something easier to clean this year so I am trying out these scoop chairs that I picked up on clearance at Big Lots.  I am hoping when students try to tip their regular chairs I can tell them to go read a book and sit in the chairs they are allowed to lean back in.  We will see if they tip themselves too far back.

What have you changed in your classroom this year?

As always, please check out my Freebies for PreK Teachers page where you will find lesson plans and activities to help you with your classroom.

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