Prepping for a Rainforest Theme in PreK

Rainforest Theme Bulletin Board for PreK

I am still in love with the rainforest theme, so I am able to keep several decorations within my classroom.  This gives me some time to get creative with my bulletin board to begin the year.  Once the year starts the board is mostly covered with student work, but I wanted something fun on the board to welcome families at Sneak Peek and the first week of school.

Rainforest Bulletin Board Creation

The tree trunks are made with packing paper that was already crumpled like that in a box from a bathroom remodel.  I love the texture and dimension this gives.  The leaves are made with bulletin board paper.  It still wants to curl up, which gives additional dimension, but also presents a challenge to keeping it on the wall above the board.  I had plain bulletin board board from Dollar Tree on the board until I discovered this border at Staples from Lakeshore Learning while shopping with my teen for school supplies for her.

The board will be filled with student painted rainforest animals next week.

Take a peak at my coworker boards as well.

Bulletin board for preschool classrooms

Other Bulletin Boards at School

One co-worker saw some cute clip art and decided to go with a jungle theme for her preschool classroom.  The other one took me up on my suggestion to semi-recreate an old bulletin board of mine since she was doing an ocean theme.  One of the members of our church donated a huge roll of the clear blue plastic that could be placed over the ocean themed bulletin board paper.  So fun!!

Rainforest Name Labels and Jobs

Rainforest Name Labels

Every year I am prepping lots of items with student names.  I always need name labels for the question of the day, name labels for coat hooks (where I also put my jobs), and name labels for lunch bins.  When I choose the labels I try to make sure each student has a different animal for each label so that they are learning their names, not which animal is theirs.  It takes a little planning, but then I know my students are not just looking for the monkey instead of their name.  You can find the rainforest labels in my TPT shop, either separately or in the decor bundle.

This year I managed to misprint a new student’s labels twice before I got them straight.  Fortunately it was caught before I put any of it on my walls.  Always double check against your master list for spellings and ask questions if something does not look right and might be a typo.  Parents and students want to see the child’s name displayed around the room correctly on the first day.

Rainforest Decor Items

Other Rainforest Theme Items

There are some other items I have been prepping for my rainforest theme in the classroom.

I only need to secure the bottom of my rainforest growth chart, which was a little loose from when the floor was waxed a few weeks ago.  I pulled out the matching rainforest theme calendar for August for my circle time.  Then I had to freshen up my birthday bags with some new fronts as well as writing names and birthdays with sharpie on the already laminated animals.

HELPFUL HINT:  Laminate the animals or whatever character you choose first, then write on them with sharpie.  At the end of the year you can wipe the names and birthdays away with magic eraser and they will be ready for the next year.

What theme are you using in your classroom this year?  Is it one you have used before?

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