Spider Web Fly Toss Game in PreK

Hula Hoop Spider Web Game

For our Creepy Crawlers theme in PreK I like to pull out a gross motor activity for my circle time rug area during centers time.  This spider web toss game idea was a great find a few years ago.  It keeps my students actively engaged and burns off some energy in the spring when we all know our students need it.

Fly Toss Game

I discovered an idea for the spider web game when browsing Pinterest.  I knew I already had a hula hoop (affiliate link) that I had found at the dollar store last year, so I pulled that out, along with some masking tape.  The example on Pinterest showed cotton balls, but I thought that black pom poms would look more like bugs or flies caught in the web.  I have noticed that the quality and age of your tape can alter the results with this.  Some years I have been able to use the black pom poms and other years I have had to use cotton balls because they stick more easily.

I overheard one of my students saying that it was like a carnival game.  I only had one student try to grab the hoop, which I think is quite a success, especially since that student did not try grabbing it again.  We used up quite a bit of energy playing this game and worked on our gross motor skills.

I suggest setting a limit of how many students may be in this spider web game center at a time.  Two may be good.  Once all the pom poms or cotton balls are stuck the center is closed until my assistant or I gather them to play again.  At that time I let two new students play.

During my creepy crawlers week I usually use my Insect theme calendar during circle time.

Insect Calendar Cards

There are also free spring themed calendar numbers found on my Freebies page.

What fun games do you use to get your students moving in the spring?



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4 comments on “Spider Web Fly Toss Game in PreK”

  1. Kelly katsaros Reply

    That is an awesome idea. I have to Save this for movement when we go back to school. Thank you for sharing! Your classroom looks very inviting!

    • laura@lauraslilypad.com Reply

      Thanks so much for letting me know. Just be sure to do some test throws yourself to make sure your tape is sticky enough.

  2. Y Reply

    Thank you for sharing this idea! Would you mind sharing how you colored the cotton balls black?

    • laura@lauraslilypad.com Reply

      The black ones you see are black pom poms. I sometimes use those because bits of them don’t end up staying on the tape. It really depends upon how sticky your tape is. Super sticky tape will catch the pom poms. Super sticky tape will also keep most of your cotton ball when you pull it off and soon no longer work. Less sticky tape will not allow pom poms to stick so you have to use cotton balls.

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