PreK Color Theme Lesson Plan

PreK Color Theme Sensory Bin

What would a PreK Color Theme be without colorful cereal?  This year I decided to fill my sensory bin with a box of colorful cereal from Aldi.  I placed some colorful sorting bowls (no blue since this cereal did not have any) and some tools for picking up the cereal.  Every morning I open the sensory bin and get a strong smell of fruity cereal.

We also use fresh cereal as a sorting activity and snack in celebration of the color theme at the end of the week.  You can find a printable sorting sheet here.  I did use this even though we had no blue cereal so I could ask students which color had no cereal.

color bears math

Bears Color Theme Math

Since we definitely have plenty of colorful bears, I also use them during our PreK Color Theme week.  I share my Bear theme activities between myself and the other PreK teacher.  In my classroom I use the path game, which includes inserts for pocket dice.  Students roll a color and move to the matching color bear until they reach the end of the game.  My Rainbow Bears Centers has many options that will help utilize your bears during a color theme week.

We keep some patterning and counting cards in the bin with the bears so I pull them out to offer some different ways to play with the bears.  The Measured Mom has bear patterning strips.  Life Over C’s has the bear counting cards.

color cubes

PreK Color Theme Color Cubes Center

I was very happy to discover these color cube activity cards recently.  We have had these cubes in our supply closet for a few years, but I seldom got them out compared to many other supplies.  Having these cards gives a direction for students other than just stacking them tall and watching them collapse.

Dot Marker C

Dot Marker Letter C Center

Dot markers are very useful during PreK Color Week.  Our letter focus this week is C, so I printed my Letter C Dot Marker pages for one of our centers.  Students are enjoying being able to dot everything on the page with these pages.

We also made a rainbow with our dot markers to go along with our Bible lesson on Noah.

Color mixing center

The Most Popular PreK Color Theme Center

The most popular center during PreK Color Theme week has to be color mixing.  I always set up two stations for this and spend much of my day refilling the colors so students can keep using the droppers to experiment and learn what happens when they mix colors together.

Students use the droppers to put colored water in the palette.  Once they have filled the palette there is a bin to dump it in so that they can create new colors.  At first some students get quite a bit of brown.  Then they start figuring out how to get a particular color and the palette is filled with six shades of green or orange or purple.

Best quote from this activity:  “It doesn’t matter if I put yellow or blue in first; I still get green.”

Below are some Amazon Affiliate links to the types of supplies I used for this center:

Pet Vet Dramatic Play

Pet Vet Dramatic Play

This week I switched my dramatic play with the other PreK teacher.  She took my Apple Orchard and I now have the Pet Vet.  We use the light table to be our x-ray machine.  One of our volunteers was kind enough to make the pet themed aprons for this center.

color theme books and activities

PreK Color Week Literacy

I try to find different types of activities to use my easel each week.  After we read Mouse Paint, I put up a retelling set of magnets that I found here.  I place the book in the center so that they can read along and put up the pieces if they like.  Since it is still early in the year I did find the book helpfully put away in the library by my students a few times.

Even though I own quite a few favorite color books, I grabbed a bunch from the local library as well.  You will also see one apple book that came in too late for apple week, so I squeezed it in this week anyway.  You can find out more about the books I read this week from the Amazon affiliate links below.

PreK Color Week Lesson Plan

You can find the free PreK Color Week Lesson Plan here:

Colors PreK Lesson Plan

Other freebies for PreK teachers can be found here.

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