Pet Theme in PreK

Count and Clip and Roll and Graph Pet Theme Math

Pet Theme Math Activities

Pet Theme Fun in PreK

One of the favorite themes for the beginning of the year in preschool is a Pet Theme.  Even if a student does not have a pet, they usually are fascinated with the idea of having one.  We also have a class pet fish so we all have the pet experience.

Pet Math Centers

There are several choices of math activities found in my Pet Theme Math and Literacy Bundle. (also on TPT)  Pictured above are the Count and Clip and Roll and Graph Centers.  Using colorful clothes pins increases interest in the Count and Clip.  The colorful pets are a draw for the Roll and Graph as well as being able to roll the die.  If you do not have the pet counters, the roll and graph works great with dot markers on paper, or using dry erase markers with a laminated graph.

Below are some affiliate links to supplies I use for these centers:

Measuring Pets with linking or snap cubes

Measuring Pets with Cubes

Measuring Pets

In PreK we are building with blocks for a purpose.  The Pets Measuring Center in the Pets Bundle (also TPT) has my students measuring how big different pets are using cubes.  Be sure to print to actual size with these pages so that the cubes fit exactly on the printed cubes.  You can find the cubes I use below:

Pattern blocks with pets

Pet Theme Pattern Blocks

Cat and Dog Pattern Blocks

We use our pattern blocks on a sticky easel and on the table.  Using the sticky easel makes for less frustration for students who are just starting to have fine motor control.  Pieces don’t move around once in place.  We usually start with the easel and then after some experience there, move to using pattern blocks at the table.  For the easel I use foam pattern blocks, with wooden ones being used on the table.  You can find some free pet theme pattern blocks pages here, here, and here.  Pattern block pages are important to print actual size if you want your blocks to fit.

Pet Theme Writing Center

Pet Theme Writing Center

Writing Center for Pet Theme

Be sure to offer a variety of writing utensils in your centers.  This week I put crayons out with the writing center paper and pet theme words.  Students are encouraged to draw and write the pet themed word.  Printing the pet theme paper on a variety of colored paper is another way to draw interest to the center.  I stick an example on the wall next to the center to give students an idea.  This center is also in the Pets Bundle.

Cat Yarn Painting

Painting with Yarn

Painting with Yarn

One of my favorite pet theme crafts is our yarn painted cats.  We use a printed outline of a cat.  I cut short lengths of yarn in colors matching the paint.  A clothespin is attached to one end so students can hold the clothespin to dip the yarn into the paint, then drag the yarn across the cat.  After the cats are dry students add googly eyes as well as whiskers and noses with sharpie.  It works best to cut out the cats once they are dry.

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