Getting Organized with PreK Theme Labels

Some time between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next I go through my sliding drawers of theme based supplies and reorganize them.  Some themes get put away elsewhere for the year, while I make space for different theme materials.  I had a few PreK theme labels that were quite a bit raggedy.  Some were merely post it notes that kept falling off the drawers.

This year I decided to make PreK theme labels for all of my drawers.  I also have decided to share them with all of you.  Since I am sharing them I added links to my products in the file that may help you with your theme teaching.  Just hover over the label and if I have something that might help you will be able to click the link and check it out.  Be sure to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader for the links to work.

What Is That Glue Stick For?

I decided to laminate my PreK theme labels since I generally rearrange each year and will be moving the themes around to get them in the order we will teach them each year.  I use just a touch of glue stick on the back of my labels to keep them from sliding around while running through the laminator.

PreK Theme LabelsRight now there are 50 PreK theme labels in the set.  As I get more suggestions I will keep a running list and add another page as soon as I get one filled.  There is also a page of blank labels that you can print out and write your own themes.

Where Can I Find These Labels?

PreK Theme LabelsJust click on the product cover above to download your own set of labels.  While you are there you will find my shop on sale on August 4 and 5 for TPT’s Back to School Sale.  Use code:  BTS20 to get up to 25% (or more on bundles) in my shop.

You can also check out my Freebies for PreK Teachers page on my blog for more freebies to help you plan your school year, including my lesson plan form that comes with a couple themes already planned out for you.



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