When My Classroom and Bathroom Look Like This….

It’s time for a Back to School Sale!

Classroom without anything but large furniture pieces

Ready for helpers to move the large pieces

How Summer Has Gone

We finished summer camps, hired a new teacher, and finished Vacation Bible School.  So this week we emptied our classrooms of all but the large furniture in preparation for floor waxing.  Church members will help move all the large furniture on Sunday into a carpeted room so the rooms will be completely empty for stripping and waxing.

Classroom being prepared for waxing floor

Circle Time area emptied of carpet

Where Does It All Go?

You would be amazed at how much I can stuff into a preschool bathroom.  Pretty much everything that was on every surface went in there, along with chairs, the easel, and the rugs.  We even managed to get the stuff from the other classroom mostly in there as well.

Bathroom full of classroom stuff

How full can you fill a preschool bathroom?

And Now We Wait….

Now to just bide our time while we wait for the floors to get waxed and cured before we can head back to school in a little over a week to start getting our classrooms set up.  I think this year all the teachers will be there the day after the furniture is moved back in to get to work.

More stuff crammed into preschool bathroom

Yes, I fit more in there.

Do they wax the floors in the summer where you work?

In the meantime, on to the Back to School Sale announcement:

My TPT store will be on sale on August 1 and 2, using the code: BTS23

My Made By Teachers shop will be on sale with no code needed during these two days.

Items will be up to 25% off, with bundles being an even greater deal.

Decor Bundles for Back to School

Now is the time to purchase your decor bundles, like this popular Ocean theme bundle.

Ocean Decor Classroom

Ocean Theme Decor Bundle

Or this Rainforest decor bundle:

Rainforest Classroom Decor bundle

Rainforest Classroom Decor Bundle

There are plenty more choices in my shops.

Bundles for Back to School and All Year

I like to use this time to plan ahead for some of the things I will be working on all year with my students.  I start printing at least a month’s worth of letter books, since we do a letter focus each week, with a review every few weeks to spiral what we have learned and to start putting sounds together to build words for those who are ready.  My Alphabet Bundle includes all of those letter books.

Alphabet Bundle

I already have most of my Question of the Days printed and laminated, but will be looking through them and seeing if I need to add any new ones for themes that might not yet be included.  I have a Question of the Day bundle that should have plenty of questions for you for the entire year, but if you come up with a theme that I have not covered yet, please let me know so I can add a few more questions.

Question of the Day bundle cover

Question of the Day Bundle

If your students love dot markers, I recommend my Alphabet Dot Marker Bundle.  There are plenty of options so that a student who loves dot markers will not come home with the same dot marker page all week.  I like these also because they are set up so the kids get to dot everything.  After all, it is no fun to only dot ten of a letter and then leave the rest of the letters blank.

If you click over to the bundle you can see that you can get the letter L pages free to try them out before purchasing the bundle.

REMINDER:  The sale is August 1 and 2 and the code is: BTS23

My Made By Teachers shop will be on sale with no code needed during these two days.

My TPT shop

The bundles in my TPT shop

Freebies Page



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