Back After the Blizzard and Finished Our Penguins

My Favorite Penguin Art Prjoect

One of my favorite art projects in my PreK class every year is this penguin art project with sponges.  I am reviving these project examples from my lost blog in anticipation of this year’s crop of penguins in a few weeks.

Creating the Penguin Feet

Aren’t their feet cute? I am so pleased with how these turned out with the addition of the feet using painted fingers and just a bit of the hand. I have the students turn the paper upside down or sideways so the fingers are pointed the direction that makes sense. A few students decided they wanted their hands to be pointed a particular way and I went with what they wanted since it is their artwork.

Sponge paint penguin

One student had great fun doing a count down to placing her hands on the paper,”…..5, 4, 3, 2, 1″ and splat, onto the paper.

Side view penguin

Now if I could just figure out awesome art projects like these for every theme. That is one of my goals, to keep adding more open ended projects that really make my students think and create because they always turn out in surprising and awesome ways.

Someone is interested in patterning with this one

Checkerboard penguin

Sometimes a project lets you see how a student is working on a skill in ways you do not expect.  This checkerboard penguin reveals that this student is very interested in patterning.

Penguin Math Centers

Penguin Math Centers

Check out my shop for some penguin themed math activities to go along with your penguin art, including patterning, a path game, roll and graph game, grid games, and ten frames.


And, as always, check out my Freebies for PreK Teachers for some activities and resources to help you in your classroom.


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