Apple Orchard In PreK

Apple Trees in Pretend Play Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard Pretend Play

Apple Orchard Pretend Play

Fall is a great time to set up an apple orchard pretend play in the PreK classroom.  I have been adding to my orchard each year, so remember that you can grow your dramatic play sets over time.  Do not expect that you need to have every possible option in a center for every center in your classroom right away.  Give yourself grace to grow as a teacher.

Read on for more information about how I created my apple orchard and where to find the printables and supplies I use.


Apple trees for pretend play

Apple trees with velcro and ball pit balls for apples

My apple trees are made with cardboard that I painted green.  I have long strips of velcro on the bottom of the bulletin board to attach the tree tops.  The apples are ball pits balls with velcro pieces attached.  Place the soft side of the velcro on the apples so that they don’t attach themselves to the carpet when they drop.


Apple Orchard with empty trees

Apple Orchard with empty trees

If you get magazines like My Big World you can save the large copies to post in your pretend play areas that go along with the theme.  I saved one about apple orchards in the past to post.  I also found some apple words to fill my pocket chart with in the dramatic play area.


Apple Orchard printable activity cards and name tags

Apple Orchard Activity cards and name tags

Activity Cards and Name Tags

To encourage counting practice in the apple orchard we use activity cards that tell students how many of each kind of apple to pick.  This also helps keep students from over stuffing their baskets and having apples rolling everywhere.  To help overcrowding in the center, provide name tags for students to wear.  When all the name tags are gone, there is no more space for students to play.  Students ask to have a turn when someone is finished.

For the printables I used to create this center, please check out my Apple Orchard Activity Cards.  (also on TPT)  This includes the poster, name tags, labels for baskets, and activity cards.

Be sure to check out my freebies for PreK Teachers for more fun activities for your PreK classroom.

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