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During our winter theme week I have many favorite winter books to share with my students.  Some of them work well with a hibernation theme as well.  I have several felt and magnet sets to go with some of these winter books that I will share sources for below.  Large photos of book covers will lead you to Amazon.  If you purchase through the link I will get a few cents as an affiliate link.

The Mitten by Jan Brett is a classic winter tale with incredibly beautiful and detailed illustrations.

To go along with this story I created a white mitten on my knitting loom.  You can find a pattern here if you have a loom.  I used photos of animals from 1+1+1=1 that I laminated to put into the mitten as we retell the story.  I would love to eventually get animal figures to go in the mitten.

Other activities related to The Mitten that I have used include:

Mitten Character Classification from Pre-K Pages

The Mitten Letter Mazes from 1+1+1=1

Jan Brett’s Mitten Retelling Pieces with Mitten

The Mitten in the Snow Song

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is another classic must read.  The students I teach do not live in a city, so we discussed what told us that he lived in an apartment building as opposed to a house or townhouse.

Story Retelling Cards — These have been updated since I downloaded so are different clip art than I have used.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel is one I use to teach the American Sign Language for our winter clothing words.  As I read I don’t say the word after the first time and just sign it.  The students sign and/or call out the word to finish the phrase.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow felt board pieces

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London is one of the many Froggy books we read during the year.  This is another book that I use to reinforce American Sign Language signs.

Story Retelling Pieces at Kizclub

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is a great calm book to read aloud.  It shares a night adventure between a child and father looking for owls at night.  Each page has hidden animals to watch for.

A Silly Snowy Day by Michael Coleman is a fun story about a tortoise who wants to go out in the snow even though he should be hibernating.

Curious George Snow Day by H.A. Rey is familiar to many students.  Several of my students remembered the skis and snow shoes from this story when they were working at centers later in the week to build those words.


In small groups we used my Winter Book printables.  Students really enjoyed having a book with their own name on each and every page.  I even created some extra copies for the students in our early care who are not yet old enough for my classroom.  They carried their books around and hugged them.

Songs for a Winter Theme

I’m a Little Snowman There are many versions of this one so I try to have the words in front of me so I don’t mangle several versions together.

It Is Snowing This one is great to sing quietly and to use the ASL signs for snow and quiet.

Ten Little Snowmen This is not the exact version I have.  Mine ends with snowmen melting in the sun.  I have ten snowmen on my magnet board to go along with the song.

Ten Little Snowflakes  This link has an explanation of how she does this song with a flannel board.

A Winter Patterning Freebie

SnowmanPatterningSquareCoverBetween having bad weather and having an overwhelming amount of winter theme centers I realized I forgot to share my Winter Patterning Freebie.  You can find your way to it through my new Freebies page on my blog.

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