Using Alphabet Letter Tile Word Cards


One of my summer projects was to create some activity cards to use my letter tiles more regularly.  I just completed this Alphabet Letter Tile Word Cards set that I plan to use throughout the school year in several ways.  The cards can be used with letter tiles, stamps, dry erase, or with a variety of utensils for letter writing practice.

When I first introduce the letter tiles cards I usually use the cards with the lowercase letters already printed so that it is a matching activity.  Later I will move students on to using the capital letter cards and the blank cards to build the words with the letter tiles.


My example photos have the sheets uncut, but I generally cut them into long cards so that students only have one word to look at to avoid confusion.


I also will use the Alphabet Letter Tile Word Cards in my writing center to practice writing words that start with the letter focus of the week.  I also sometimes add words that go with our theme as well, which can also be found in my shop.

Above you can see the dry erase sleeve that I sometimes use.  I also cut and laminate the cards, which makes it easy to put them on a ring.  You can find the dry erase sleeves on Amazon (affiliate link below):

The dry erase marker above is from IKEA.  We are trying these out this year since it appears that students cannot smush the tip into the marker.


Another way I will use these Alphabet Letter Tile Word Cards is with my alphabet stamp set.  Please forgive how weak my stamp pad was in the photos above.  Obviously we need to try a new kind of stamp pad.  The stamp set link is below  as well as a stamp pad set (affiliate links)  I might try next.  They would not be good for large stamps, but look like they might work well for alphabet stamps.

For more information about this product please check it out by clicking the image below.

Alphabet Words Letter Tiles Cards

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