Transportation Art in Preschool

I have a few art projects that I really cannot wait to do each year because they always end up being very unique each year and for each student.  One of those projects was inspired by Deep Space Sparkle’s project for kindergarten.  Since I have preschoolers I altered the project a bit to take away the cutting requirements, although you can see by my examples that some of the kids ended up using scissors to get the shapes they wanted.

We started out by painting paper.  I gave the students several color choices and asked them to choose one.  The first color started with a large brush and students were instructed to paint the entire page that color.  Once they finished I asked them to choose a second color.  For the second color they were given a small brush and instructed to give the paper lots of dots.  With lots of dots the paint would not get mixed and we would get an interesting set of papers for the second part of the project.

Painted paper after punching some circles
Painted paper after punching some circles

Once the paper was dry I punched a bunch of circles out of the sheets since we were planning on making a Things That Go! class book and I knew many of the creations would need wheels.  I then took the rest of the paper and cut it into various sized rectangles and a few triangles.  I put the shapes in different containers so that the students could choose the ones they wanted to make their book page.


I provided my students with some clip art of various transportation vehicles as well as having the book Alphabeep, A Zipping Zooming ABC available that we had read earlier in the week.  (Affiliate link)

Some students decided right away what to make and used the shapes available to make their vehicle.  A few decided that the shapes they had were not right and got out the scissors.  This involved lots of cutting to attempt to get an octagon for one student’s school bus and involved so many pieces and parts that the helicopter almost did not get off the ground.  My friend who wanted to make the helicopter needed me to push all of his cutting to the side, which helped him get back on track and create his masterpiece.

Schoolbus --- Can you see the stop sign on the right between the wheels?
Schoolbus — Can you see the stop sign on the right between the wheels?

Once each student decided he or she was finished I asked the student to tell me what I should write about the vehicle.  I then typed those sentences up and put together our class book so that we could read it aloud over and over.  My students like to stand up when I read the page that they have illustrated.


I whipped up a quick cover for our book, thanks to Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah‘s clip art.  The student’s artwork went into page protectors.  A few students had to have their sentences placed on the back of the page before since there was no room to place the words without covering their creations.

Things That Go! class book
Things That Go! class book

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Things That Go Sensory Bin


We are now officially back to school after our Christmas break.  I spent some time over the weekend getting my room set up for our theme of Transportation.  The other PreK teacher and I worked together to come up with two sensory bins so we can trade them for the second week of the theme.  Above you can see the fishing for transportation items bin.  The pictures of land, air, and water transportation items are laminated and have a few staples in each of them.  The staples make the magnetic fishing poles be able to catch them.  In the past I had tried having magnets, either buttons or magnetic tape, on the back, but then the magnets tended to fall off.  The students catch the item and then place it on the correct mat for where they would find it.


The students enjoyed using this center today and the teaching assistant enjoyed not having bunches of sensory bin items all over the floor to sweep, especially since we had peppermint rice in December which ended up everywhere.  In the picture there are wheel shaped pasta (Amazon referral link to get a closer look at the type of pasta) added in for some fun.


What theme are you starting 2016 with in your classroom?