Back To School and Giveaway

Monday is the big day for me and the official beginning of my personal back to school.  Our family started school at the beginning of the month with my oldest daughter starting cross country practice, so getting to sleep in has been gone for quite a while for me.   Monday starts my online college course, so this week is truly my back to school week.

I will be taking a course in Christian Doctrine as I am working towards synod certification in Early Childhood Education through Martin Luther College.  This is my last three credit hour course, so I am excited to get it completed.

Ocean Theme Calendar
Ocean Theme Calendar

Back to school for me as a teacher starts Wednesday with work days to prepare my classroom.  I am sticking with my ocean theme, so just need to freshen it up and make everything that has student names on it, but we all know there is still plenty to do.  I have my calendar all ready with my ocean themed items, like the months you see.

School themed question of the day
School themed question of the day

I will also be choosing which question of the day I want to use from my set.  I will probably use this one some time the first week.

Bonus Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers

In celebration of a new school year I am having a giveaway for a Teachers Pay Teachers $10 gift card.  Teachers Pay Teachers is also having a one day sale on Monday which I am participating in, so fill your carts and watch your emails as I will send out notice as soon as the giveaway ends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner has been emailed.  Congrats to Karen S!

Best Year Ever Sale

As I have been busy getting ready for my church’s Vacation Bible Camp this weekend, I have also been making my wish list for the Teachers Pay Teachers back to school sale.  You can click through to my shop through the awesome graphic below, made by Glitter Meets Glue Designs.



Once I make it through Vacation Bible Camp, I need to finish up a few products that I have started that I want to use during this new preschool year.  I am working on a new set of dot marker printables that I am very excited about.  You can see a draft of one of them below.


I am also working on some alphabet based emergent readers to add some variety to the ones I already use in my classroom.  So far I have added one set to my shop.

LetterAReaders2Alphabet Letter A Emergent Readers Set

I am very happy that I spent all of last year creating my Question of the Day Bundle because now I just pull them out each week and am ready.  No more scrambling at the last moment before kids come in to think of a question or scrambling to find my list of questions on my plans so I can put them up.  I just grab my printed, laminated sets for each day and put them in my pocket chart.

Of course, I will have at least one more set of questions get added to the bundle this year because you know that themes are never exactly the same from year to year and I spy at least two new ones this year that we did not do in my classroom last year.  If you have any themes you don’t see in my Question of the Day Bundle, please be sure to let me know so I can add them.

Question of the Day Bundle
Question of the Day Bundle

What a teacher does when stuck home in a blizzard


Since it has snowed most of the day yesterday as well as all day today, I have had the chance to work on several projects around the house.  Some of them are related to teaching and some are related to family.  The crocheted Hobbes is for my youngest daughter who shares my husband’s love for Calvin & Hobbes.

I worked on the crocheting part of the project over Christmas break since that is the part of the project I enjoyed doing.  The whole putting the pieces and parts together part of the project is not my favorite.  It involved me taking apart most of the parts at least once before being satisfied with how it was turning out.  I found the pattern on Ravelry.

While I was working this morning on a game for my Polar unit the girls got bundled up to take the dog out since he refused to go by himself.  Once out in the back yard the dog had to leap like a deer in order to move around in the snow that was already up to his chest.  (You will notice he is on a rope, which is because he has great leaping ability and unfortunately learned to leap the fence.  The rope is attached to a clothesline that goes across most of the yard so that he still has the majority of the backyard available to him to run.)  We have gotten quite a bit more snow since then in addition to some blowing and drifting.  I anticipate at least one snow day before we head back to school.

Arctic Adventure Path Game
Arctic Adventure Path Game

My girls were kind enough to play my Arctic Adventure Path Game with me to test it out since the snow days have kept me from trying it out with my students like some of the other Polar themed items that I have been creating.  I also discovered that printing on draft mode still looks good for this project, although I do need to be in the room with the printer or it shoots the paper out and who knows where it might land.


You can see one of the two game boards here.  The other has lowercase letters so that you can choose which skill to work on with your students.  There are also three different sets of game cards so that you can work on letter sounds, matching same letters or matching capital and lowercase letters.

A Work in Progress



After having finished up two weeks of my transportation theme last week I find myself realizing that I really need to crank out a bunch more questions for my Question of the Day Bundle, especially since I need the questions for my classroom fairly soon.  So I started with some space themed questions even though we are not doing a space theme this year at my school.


When making my questions I really like to incorporate real life photos so that the questions are interesting as well as possibly showing my students something they have not seen before.  I do have a couple students who can read a bit, but for the most part my assistant or I read the question of the day to our students.  This year I don’t seem to have too many students who just want to answer what other students are choosing.  Last year I had a few who always wanted their names to be next to a buddy’s name, regardless of the answer choices.

One of the student jobs in our classroom is the Question of the Day Helper.  That person goes over to the pocket chart and counts the responses and reports them to the circle so that we can discuss them.  We talk about most, least, unanimous, and ties.  Just today we had a unanimous answer, although it would not have been if all of my students had been there since the question was about whether there was a letter H in anyone’s name.


I just finished up another set of questions for this bundle, with space, hibernation, friends, Valentine’s, and healthy habit themed questions.  Since I am very concerned with making sure that the photos and graphics do not print poorly, the latest version of the bundle includes a link to a Dropbox file with set six in it.



January 20 and 21 is a sale day at Teachers Pay Teachers.  My Question of the Day Bundle as well as everything else in my shop will be on sale.  Make sure you remember to use the code above.  You can click through to the sale using the graphic above.

Using Magnet Power To Make It Go

I am making a concerted effort to make sure I have some engaging science activities in my classroom this year.  Having a dedicated science table and a coworker who will ask what I am doing for science this week is helping keep me accountable.

Earlier in the year I had a magnetic/not magnetic center in my classroom, so my students knew a little about magnets already.  I wanted to revisit magnets during transportation week since I already had the fishing game ready that used magnets as well as having magnetic trains to play with on the small train table.

My younger daughter helped me with this center by making masking tape paths for the students to try to make their train cars travel along using the magnet wands (Amazon referral link so you can see which ones we have).  I showed the students how to make the magnet wand push the train cars without touching them and then asked them to try it out.  One student was fascinated with this center and brought the materials over to the door at dismissal to show one of the parents how it worked.  He had also figured out how to make the two magnet wands fight to keep away from each other.

We discovered that the best way to make this center work was to have the magnet wand sliding along the table.  Otherwise the train car sometimes rotated to the side and stuck to the magnet.

What kinds of activities do you use in your science center?

If you are looking for some extra activities for  your transportation unit, please check out my new bundle:


Transportation Bundle
Transportation Bundle

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Planning for December, part two

Just before Thanksgiving my coworker and I attempted to plan the entire month of December together. I will admit that I did a good job of getting this coming week planned, but only have a general idea of the rest of the month. I am grateful that my coworker wanted to plan this way, though, because it will really make the rest of the month much easier.

Christmas Q-tip Painting
I decided that I wanted some fun fine motor practice for my students this month. We have done a few q-tip painting activities in the past, mostly focusing on making the shapes of the letter of the week. The set I created involves dot painting along the outlines of Christmas related drawings. I will probably use the black line with the clip art this time around in my classroom.

To use these printables I provide q-tips or other cotton swabs and a small paint palette with a few colors of paint as well as a paper towel to set used swabs on. There are a few students who really like to mix colors, so I do need to remind them that these are shared paints for the center and that mixing is not a choice. I will try to make sure I do have an activity in which those students who like to mix paint will be able to mix during an art project, if possible, during the week. Otherwise, I will try to let my happy mixers be the last to use the paint at the end of the last centers time so that they can mix to their heart’s content.

Visit TPT and make  your wishlist now

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide sale Monday and Tuesday, so make your wishlists now and be sure to check out one of those days. I have a few items I want to purchase myself and need to decide how much I can budget. Some are just to use in my classroom and some are to make items to use in my classroom as well as add to my store.

Planning for December in Preschool

12 Days of Christmas Set

Thanks to an awesome customer I have twelve new questions for the holidays for my Question of the Day Bundle.  Between these questions and the ones already in the bundle I am sure I have plenty for the entire month of December.  I may end up making a few more, though, since we are focusing on the five senses during December and I may want to have a few questions that relate the senses to Christmas.

I am also planning to switch my pretend play from a Construction Site to a Post Office, so I have a bunch of work to do before Thanksgiving so that I don’t feel overwhelmed when I get back.  I need to pack up the golf tee nails, the sand paper, the wood, tool sets, and construction vests.  Since I am planning to move my writing center into the Post Office I need to pick up a bunch of Christmas cards from the dollar store to stock that part of the center.

Welcome to my Classroom

After a break from Laura’s Lily Pad to get my school year started, complete a college course on Play and Learning, and deal with some family issues, I now am dusting off my blog and sharing my classroom photos of my new Ocean Friends PreK classroom.

I started out the year with an ice cream shop in my dramatic play area.  The freshly painted wooden kitchen pieces were donated by a family from my church and were painted by another member of the church.  My director made most of the decorations when she did this dramatic play area in her classroom in year’s past.