Using Magnet Power To Make It Go

I am making a concerted effort to make sure I have some engaging science activities in my classroom this year.  Having a dedicated science table and a coworker who will ask what I am doing for science this week is helping keep me accountable.

Earlier in the year I had a magnetic/not magnetic center in my classroom, so my students knew a little about magnets already.  I wanted to revisit magnets during transportation week since I already had the fishing game ready that used magnets as well as having magnetic trains to play with on the small train table.

My younger daughter helped me with this center by making masking tape paths for the students to try to make their train cars travel along using the magnet wands (Amazon referral link so you can see which ones we have).  I showed the students how to make the magnet wand push the train cars without touching them and then asked them to try it out.  One student was fascinated with this center and brought the materials over to the door at dismissal to show one of the parents how it worked.  He had also figured out how to make the two magnet wands fight to keep away from each other.

We discovered that the best way to make this center work was to have the magnet wand sliding along the table.  Otherwise the train car sometimes rotated to the side and stuck to the magnet.

What kinds of activities do you use in your science center?

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Transportation Bundle
Transportation Bundle

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