January Projects for the Fridge or Bulletin Board

I am really enjoying the snow days, but am itching to get back to school to finish our sponge penguins.  We still need to add the feet to them.

When I saw this project on Teach Preschool’s site I knew I wanted to make them.  This is the third year and each year has been different.  The first year I had a student who made a large letter H in a AB pattern and then added eyes, beak, and feet.  Last year one of the first students started swiping with the sponge and that was the end of the sponge look, but they still ended up looking very unique.  This year the students understood the concept so they did actually sponge their penguins.

For this project I found dollar store sponges and cut them into squares.  I used blue ones for black paint and red for white, which I think helped the kids keep straight what they were doing since we did not end up with any sponges in the wrong paint.  I also have some examples of penguins both face on and in profile for the students to look at while creating.

I am planning to have them use their hands to make some feet for the penguins when we finally get back to school, drawing some inspiration from Mrs.Hodge’s example.  I think we will probably have the fingers facing down and not paint the whole hand.  If it goes well, I am sure I will take some more photos.  I thought I had photos of all of the cute in progress penguins but only found one photo on my memory card.  Not sure how I messed that up.

What art projects have your students been working on lately?  Do you have any projects waiting to be finished at school during all of these snow days?

For more ideas for a Polar theme, please check out my Pinterest board:

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What a teacher does when stuck home in a blizzard


Since it has snowed most of the day yesterday as well as all day today, I have had the chance to work on several projects around the house.  Some of them are related to teaching and some are related to family.  The crocheted Hobbes is for my youngest daughter who shares my husband’s love for Calvin & Hobbes.

I worked on the crocheting part of the project over Christmas break since that is the part of the project I enjoyed doing.  The whole putting the pieces and parts together part of the project is not my favorite.  It involved me taking apart most of the parts at least once before being satisfied with how it was turning out.  I found the pattern on Ravelry.

While I was working this morning on a game for my Polar unit the girls got bundled up to take the dog out since he refused to go by himself.  Once out in the back yard the dog had to leap like a deer in order to move around in the snow that was already up to his chest.  (You will notice he is on a rope, which is because he has great leaping ability and unfortunately learned to leap the fence.  The rope is attached to a clothesline that goes across most of the yard so that he still has the majority of the backyard available to him to run.)  We have gotten quite a bit more snow since then in addition to some blowing and drifting.  I anticipate at least one snow day before we head back to school.

Arctic Adventure Path Game
Arctic Adventure Path Game

My girls were kind enough to play my Arctic Adventure Path Game with me to test it out since the snow days have kept me from trying it out with my students like some of the other Polar themed items that I have been creating.  I also discovered that printing on draft mode still looks good for this project, although I do need to be in the room with the printer or it shoots the paper out and who knows where it might land.


You can see one of the two game boards here.  The other has lowercase letters so that you can choose which skill to work on with your students.  There are also three different sets of game cards so that you can work on letter sounds, matching same letters or matching capital and lowercase letters.