January Projects for the Fridge or Bulletin Board

I am really enjoying the snow days, but am itching to get back to school to finish our sponge penguins.  We still need to add the feet to them.

When I saw this project on Teach Preschool’s site I knew I wanted to make them.  This is the third year and each year has been different.  The first year I had a student who made a large letter H in a AB pattern and then added eyes, beak, and feet.  Last year one of the first students started swiping with the sponge and that was the end of the sponge look, but they still ended up looking very unique.  This year the students understood the concept so they did actually sponge their penguins.

For this project I found dollar store sponges and cut them into squares.  I used blue ones for black paint and red for white, which I think helped the kids keep straight what they were doing since we did not end up with any sponges in the wrong paint.  I also have some examples of penguins both face on and in profile for the students to look at while creating.

I am planning to have them use their hands to make some feet for the penguins when we finally get back to school, drawing some inspiration from Mrs.Hodge’s example.  I think we will probably have the fingers facing down and not paint the whole hand.  If it goes well, I am sure I will take some more photos.  I thought I had photos of all of the cute in progress penguins but only found one photo on my memory card.  Not sure how I messed that up.

What art projects have your students been working on lately?  Do you have any projects waiting to be finished at school during all of these snow days?

For more ideas for a Polar theme, please check out my Pinterest board:

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Planning for December, part two

Just before Thanksgiving my coworker and I attempted to plan the entire month of December together. I will admit that I did a good job of getting this coming week planned, but only have a general idea of the rest of the month. I am grateful that my coworker wanted to plan this way, though, because it will really make the rest of the month much easier.

Christmas Q-tip Painting
I decided that I wanted some fun fine motor practice for my students this month. We have done a few q-tip painting activities in the past, mostly focusing on making the shapes of the letter of the week. The set I created involves dot painting along the outlines of Christmas related drawings. I will probably use the black line with the clip art this time around in my classroom.

To use these printables I provide q-tips or other cotton swabs and a small paint palette with a few colors of paint as well as a paper towel to set used swabs on. There are a few students who really like to mix colors, so I do need to remind them that these are shared paints for the center and that mixing is not a choice. I will try to make sure I do have an activity in which those students who like to mix paint will be able to mix during an art project, if possible, during the week. Otherwise, I will try to let my happy mixers be the last to use the paint at the end of the last centers time so that they can mix to their heart’s content.

Visit TPT and make  your wishlist now

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide sale Monday and Tuesday, so make your wishlists now and be sure to check out one of those days. I have a few items I want to purchase myself and need to decide how much I can budget. Some are just to use in my classroom and some are to make items to use in my classroom as well as add to my store.