PreK Creepy Crawlers Week Fun and Games



Spider Web Fly Toss Game
Spider Web Fly Toss Game

My PreK students always keep very busy on Monday mornings since there is so much new in the classroom.  This week is our Creepy Crawlers theme.  I was energized from my spring break to discover some new ideas that I am glad to find engaging to my students.  This spider web game was a big hit.

I discovered an idea for the spider web when browsing Pinterest.  I knew I already had a hula hoop (affiliate link) that I had found at the dollar store last year, so I pulled that out, along with some masking tape.  The example on Pinterest showed cotton balls, but I thought that black pom poms would look more like bugs or flies caught in the web.

I overheard one of my students saying that it was like a carnival game.  I only had one student try to grab the hoop, which I think is quite a success, especially since that student did not try grabbing it again.  We used up quite a bit of energy playing this game and worked on our gross motor skills.

UPDATE:  Be sure to check the quality of your tape.  Did it again this year and the tape must have been too old.  Hardly anything stuck.

Creepy Crawler Calendar Cards

Bees and Other Creepy Crawling Critters

Bee with pollen
Bee with pollen

Spent a little time this evening working on lesson plans for my upcoming bugs and insects theme.  Love this macro photo of a bee covered in pollen, although it does make me a bit itchy to imagine that pollen all over me.

Working on a word wall to use next week, so making a list of insects and bugs that I want to be sure to include in my search for interesting photos.

Which insects and bugs do you like to use in your preschool creepy crawling critter theme weeks?