Pet Theme Lesson Plan in PreK


Since pets are often part of our family we went from our family theme to a pet theme in our PreK classroom.

Many of our centers activities can be found in my Pet Bundle.  You can see the count and clip, roll and graph, and the measurement activities above.  I used small clothespins for the count and clip, choosing to use the cards that have fingers to count.  For the roll and graph I used the pet counters with a laminated graph, but you could also use dot markers, stickers, or coloring to complete individual graphs.  I pulled out snap cubes for the measuring.  Be sure to print these pages actual size so that the cubes will be sure to match up in size.

My assistant played the roll and graph game with pairs at the beginning of the week so that everyone knew how to use this center, especially since we will have various roll and graph games throughout the year.

You can find affiliate links for the products I used to complete these centers below:


I was also fortunate to have some great center ideas that I have found from other sites for my easel, science center, and fine motor center.

Sparklebox has a matching game to match pets to their homes that I used on a table top pocket chart.  I find that my students are much more likely to play matching games like this if they are on a pocket chart instead of just flat in a pile.

The play dough mats are also from Sparklebox.  Most days we put out at least two spots for play dough work.

For the easel I put up clear sticky paper over the pattern block sheets.  I used foam pattern blocks for the students to create their pets.  Students have less frustration over moving pieces while trying to put together their pets than if they try this on the table top without the sticky paper.  I found some pet themed pattern blocks here, here, and here.

Below are some more affiliate links to help you find supplies for your centers:


I used the Pet word wall printed two pages to a page to make smaller word cards for my writing center.  This is also included in my Pet Bundle.  I have just added the Pet themed writing paper to this product after testing it out in my classroom.  I printed the paper on various colored paper, which adds interest for students.  We somehow managed to misplace the cat word card, so off to figure out what happened to it before I put all of the pet items away and forget about it.


We also continued to work on our Creation Bible lessons this week with a sensory bin, Creation puzzle and completing our personal Creation books to take home.

For the Creation puzzle I did not cut the puzzle into twenty pieces; instead I made it into eight pieces and provided the gray scale puzzle to glue the pieces onto.  One of my students completed this center three times during the week.

For the sensory bin I added things that went with each day of creation a day at a time.  Putting the bin away at the end of the week involved remembering where everything gets put away and lots of dividing up the day and night beans.

Day one of our Creation book

Day three of our Creation book

Day six of our Creation book

For the rest of our week, please check out my Pets theme lesson plan for PreK.  It has links to all of the supplies I used during the week.  Make sure you have the most up to date Adobe Reader and CTRL-click to follow links:

Pet Theme Lesson Plan for PreK

Some of the books we used this week (affiliate links):



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