Penguin Math Games in PreK


So I had grand plans when I found these penguin erasers at Oriental Trading and then we had a bunch of snow days.  Since I already created several games I decided to use some of them in our early care room instead.

Above you can see the Penguin Grid Game.  Students roll a die to figure out how many penguin pictures to cover.  If you don’t have the erasers (and I noticed that they are currently out of stock at OTC)  the students could use goldfish crackers to feed the penguins or Aldi’s has penguin crackers as well that could be fun.  I see that the erasers are also available at Fun Express, but I am unfamiliar with that company.

The younger students in early care worked on matching penguin colors to fill in the grid, while the older ones worked using the die as well.


For the Penguin Path Game, students chose their favorite color penguin to take from start to finish.  They rolled the die and moved the appropriate number of spaces.  This involves practice counting as well as working on one to one correspondence when moving along the path.

There is also a spinner included in this set of math games that can be used to play the path or grid game.  I chose to make the spinner separate from the boards in case you want to use the die instead.  I also find that students tend to knock their pieces all around while spinning if the spinner is attached to the board.


In our PreK classroom we work on patterning with our calendar cards daily, but I also like to rotate in centers on a regular basis to practice patterns.  These ones can be used without the erasers by using the answer choice pieces at the bottom of each set of pattern strips.

I cut and laminated mine to use with the erasers, but if I did not have the erasers I would cut and laminate the answer choices.  I would then utilize velcro dots or clothespins to have students secure their response to the strips.

Penguin Math Centers

This set of Penguin Math Games can be found in my TPT shop.  If there are other penguin related activities you would like to see be added, please let me know.

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