Fine Motor Work With The Alphabet

Lowercase Alphabet Fine Motor Center

Our preschool has some awesome manipulatives for the students to work with throughout the year.  I especially like the Excellerations® Linking Cubes and Triangles.  I felt that these could be even more beneficial for some of my students if I made some activity cards to give them some direction for building.  I had the idea in the back of my head for most of the last school year, but just never found the time.  I finally sat down this week and figured out the clip art size to work for these cubes and triangles.

Don’t do what I did and forget to print to actual size if you get these activity cards.  When creating this set I was having some issues with the printer and completely forgot to make sure the pages were set for actual size and had them print to fit.  I was in panic mode for a bit until I realized that I had print to fit, which made the cubes and triangles totally not fit.

I put clip art from Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs on each card that starts with the letter to help with letter sound connections to the alphabet letters.  I also know that many people may not be blessed with the use of a color printer, so I made the set in gray scale as well.


What are your favorite manipulatives to use in your classroom?

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Author: Laura

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