How to Empty a Classroom Quickly

HowToEmptyRoomWe just finished Vacation Bible Camp and now all of our preschool classrooms needed to be emptied so that the company could come to wax our floors.  How was this going to happen in a timely and organized manner?

Plan for Help

We were fortunate to have a bunch of helpers from church on Sunday afternoon, but they needed some direction so that we would be able to find everything to put it back later in the week.

Label, Label, Label

On Saturday I went in to school and labeled all the pieces of furniture that would be moved with a specific color for each classroom.  I also emptied most shelves of blocks and so forth and put the items in the classroom bathrooms, which would not be waxed.

BathroomFilledI then stuffed the bathrooms with as many smaller items as possible.  You can see what one of them looked like above.

Plan Your Order

On Sunday I decided which classroom would have its furniture put in first since one classroom is the before and after care room, it would have items stuffed in the back so that teachers who want to get their furniture as early as possible would not have their things behind that room’s furniture.


Use Your Expert

I did have one advantage that you may not have.  One of our helpers is a man in the Navy who has had plenty of experience packing for moving, both personally and for his job.  He took charge of the room where all the items were being placed and did an incredible job.  We could have fit probably four more rooms worth of furniture in there.

Now to wait patiently for the wax to dry so that we can all move back in and start getting ready for a new school year.

FISHBibleIn the meantime, please check out my latest freebie.  I used this inspirational sign on the door of my classroom while I had an ocean theme.  I now need to brainstorm a new sign for my new theme.

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