Winter Theme Books and Songs for PreK


During our winter theme week I have many favorite winter books to share with my students.  Some of them work well with a hibernation theme as well.  I have several felt and magnet sets to go with some of these winter books that I will share sources for below.  Large photos of book covers will lead you to Amazon.  If you purchase through the link I will get a few cents as an affiliate link.

The Mitten by Jan Brett is a classic winter tale with incredibly beautiful and detailed illustrations.

To go along with this story I created a white mitten on my knitting loom.  You can find a pattern here if you have a loom.  I used photos of animals from 1+1+1=1 that I laminated to put into the mitten as we retell the story.  I would love to eventually get animal figures to go in the mitten.

Other activities related to The Mitten that I have used include:

Mitten Character Classification from Pre-K Pages

The Mitten Letter Mazes from 1+1+1=1

Jan Brett’s Mitten Retelling Pieces with Mitten

The Mitten in the Snow Song

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is another classic must read.  The students I teach do not live in a city, so we discussed what told us that he lived in an apartment building as opposed to a house or townhouse.

Story Retelling Cards — These have been updated since I downloaded so are different clip art than I have used.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by Shirley Neitzel is one I use to teach the American Sign Language for our winter clothing words.  As I read I don’t say the word after the first time and just sign it.  The students sign and/or call out the word to finish the phrase.

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow felt board pieces

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London is one of the many Froggy books we read during the year.  This is another book that I use to reinforce American Sign Language signs.

Story Retelling Pieces at Kizclub

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is a great calm book to read aloud.  It shares a night adventure between a child and father looking for owls at night.  Each page has hidden animals to watch for.

A Silly Snowy Day by Michael Coleman is a fun story about a tortoise who wants to go out in the snow even though he should be hibernating.

Curious George Snow Day by H.A. Rey is familiar to many students.  Several of my students remembered the skis and snow shoes from this story when they were working at centers later in the week to build those words.


In small groups we used my Winter Book printables.  Students really enjoyed having a book with their own name on each and every page.  I even created some extra copies for the students in our early care who are not yet old enough for my classroom.  They carried their books around and hugged them.

Songs for a Winter Theme

I’m a Little Snowman There are many versions of this one so I try to have the words in front of me so I don’t mangle several versions together.

It Is Snowing This one is great to sing quietly and to use the ASL signs for snow and quiet.

Ten Little Snowmen This is not the exact version I have.  Mine ends with snowmen melting in the sun.  I have ten snowmen on my magnet board to go along with the song.

Ten Little Snowflakes  This link has an explanation of how she does this song with a flannel board.

A Winter Patterning Freebie

SnowmanPatterningSquareCoverBetween having bad weather and having an overwhelming amount of winter theme centers I realized I forgot to share my Winter Patterning Freebie.  You can find your way to it through my new Freebies page on my blog.

PreK Winter Activities & Learning Centers


Our PreK winter theme must have been to get my students ready for the eight or more inches of snow we received over the weekend.

I created a new winter theme sensory bin this year inspired by Differentiated Kindergarten‘s idea with ping pong balls.  Since I am dealing with preschoolers I made my bin a letter recognition activity.  I drew snowman faces on the balls that had an alphabet letter written on the back side.  Students caught them with the tool and marked on the alphabet sheets that I had printed half size from my Winter Bundle or Winter Alphabet Centers.  I am providing affiliate links below to Amazon to help you find the supplies for this bin.  The scoopers I have are from Oriental Trading, I believe, but I would love to get the set below soon (and an extra set of ping pong balls.)  I also added cotton balls as suggested to mine.

My students did a great job keeping the balls and cotton in the bin.  When prompted they did a great job filling in their sheets to mark which alphabet letters they found.  We are still working on getting some students to remember to put their name on their sheet in case they don’t finish and will return later in the day or week to complete the activity.


I was very pleased with how hard my students worked on creating the pictures on geoboards.  I only made loom bands available this time and showed students to only stretch them between two pegs.  I was lucky to find a clearance sale at Oriental Trading to pick up some more bands, so you might check to see if they still have any on clearance there.  The cards are also part of my Winter Bundle or Winter Geoboards.


Since my dramatic play will be for two weeks, I put up our Penguin Hunt activity.  Some years I have a Polar Expedition with Arctic animals to search for and other years I have penguin to search for in the classroom.  I found the printable penguins to put up throughout the room on a site that has apparently shut down, but there are some similar ones here and here.  I made my own laminated checklist for students to find the penguins with small versions of the larger photos.

To play in the center, students had to put on gloves.  This is a great way for them to learn how to put on gloves.  These were purchased at our local dollar store.  We did need to bring them home over the weekend to wash as they did start to smell a bit at the end of the week after many sets of hands wore them.

We also had play binoculars to search for all the penguins.

During the next week we will add ice fishing to the area.


I used my table top easel to set up part of this snowman number sense set from A Dab of Glue Will Do.  I only used numbers five through ten for this center.


Another number related center was my Winter Count and Clip set.  I chose to use the set with the dice at the bottom this time.  There are also cards with fingers to count and numerals.  I found the mini clothespins at the local Dollar Tree.


My final math center for the week was this simple path game with spinner.  There is also an option for dice with this game as well.  I used water bottle caps along with the printables made to fit on them for game board pieces.  This is also part of my Winter Bundle.


I utilized magnets and contact type paper this week on my easel.  For the black side I used snowman magnets found at Dollar Tree.  On the white side I put up a pattern block mat for a snowflake from PreKinders.  I put it up and then put some contact type paper sticky side out on top of it.  I provided foam pattern blocks to stick to the mat to create the snowflake.


Our science activities this week included playing Thin Ice.  The balls are in a moat with water.  Students use the tongs to grab a ball and gently put it on top of a tissue.  They attempt to get all the balls to the top before the tissue breaks.

We also matched snowflake designs.  I attached one set to a cookie sheet.  This set I can no longer find online; I think it may have been updated since I printed it.  I would really like to print this one of snowflake photos to match next year if I can remember.


I had two different writing center activities this week.  The first used my alphabet cards from my Winter Alphabet Centers set.  I used salt to be my snow and flat glass beads to place on the letter that the student has drawn.  A couple of the snowflake clothespins were used to hold up the chosen card.

You can see the interesting creation a student left me at the end of centers time one day.  I had to take a picture of it.

The second activity was to help review some of our alphabet letters.  This activity comes from This Reading Mama.  I cut the graph down to be shorter so that students would have more likelihood of finishing before getting tired of writing letters.


Part of every morning and circle time is our Question of the Day time.  You can see an example of one of my winter questions.  This time marshmallows won out for the most responses.

We also worked on building winter words with our letter tiles.  I also sometimes use part of this set for stamping and handwriting practice.  This is also found in my Winter Bundle.

Next I will share favorite books, songs, and poems for our winter theme.



Winter Centers in PreK

Winter Sensory Bin with Aldi pasta, dollar store metallic snow and snowflake tray
Winter Sensory Bin with Aldi pasta, dollar store metallic snow and snowflake tray

In the midst of our winter theme in preschool I came down with the flu as did half of my class, so this winter theme sensory bin actually was used in the classroom for a couple of weeks.  The base is white rice, which my husband was kind enough to run out and get for me since we had lots of dyed rice, but no white.  There is winter themed pasta that I picked up at Aldi, metallic winter themed table scatter and a snowflake tray from Dollar Tree as well as alphabet cards from 1+1+1=1.  I could have used my winter alphabet cards, but I decided to use those in another area of my classroom instead.

Winter Sensory Bin tools and recording sheet
Winter Sensory Bin tools and recording sheet

I did decide to utilize the recording sheet from my Winter Alphabet Centers for my sensory bin.  Students worked together to mark off as they found the alphabet letters in the bin.  Since we are a preschool classroom and not kindergarten, I do not require every student to complete the sheet.  I do suggest it to students who I believe are developmentally ready to do the activity or work with a student to do a few letters to get them started.  The crayons I used are the triangle shaped Crayolas. (referral link)  Using these helps keep them from rolling away when they are dropped in addition to helping with proper grip.

Winter Sensory Writing
Winter Sensory Writing

I decided to use my Winter Alphabet Cards in my writing center this time around.  I picked up white sand and a metal tray at my local Dollar Tree.  I used a couple clothespins to help hold the card in place.  An unsharpened pencil (or fingers) were used to draw the letters.  I tried adding some glitter to the sand, but it just all settled to the bottom, so I would not recommend it.

Snowman Number Match on a tabletop easel
Snowman Number Match on a tabletop pocket chart

This Snowman Number Match is a great freebie from A Dab of Glue Will Do.  For games with a bunch of pieces I find that my students are more interested in them if I display them in different ways.  This time I pulled out my tabletop pocket chart (referral link looks similar to the one I have) and found that they fit very well.  Other times I may add magnets or velcro to use them on my easel or felt board.

Snowman Magnets
Snowman Magnets

One side of my easel for my winter theme was made up of these snowman magnets that I picked up at the Dollar Tree.  They seem to often have magnet sets meant for a refrigerator that my students enjoy using.  Later this was switched out to some story retelling pieces for The Jacket I Wear in the Snow (referral link to book).  I used the felt board pieces with magnets from Making Learning Fun.

Snowflake Match with Snowflake Bentley
Snowflake Match with Snowflake Bentley

Because of the flu I never was able to read portions of Snowflake Bentley (referral link) to my students, but I did have it out for them to look at, along with these snowflakes to match.  I thought I printed these from PreKinders.  It appears that she may have updated her file with different snowflakes if I am correct.  I used sticky tack to attach one set to the table and then students can place the correct match on top.

Snowman Letter Sounds with cotton balls
Snowman Letter Sounds with cotton balls

I also used another PreKinders activity during our winter theme.  This set of Snowman Letter Sounds cards were used with cotton balls to cover the pictures that started with the letter at the top.  I pulled out just a few cards to use, which worked well since we were low on students on most of the days of this them due to illness.

Winter Roll and Graph
Winter Roll and Graph

Roll and graph is a center that is popular with my students this year, especially when there are dot markers (referral link) to mark the graph.  My Winter Roll and Graph is found in my Winter Bundle.  I specifically made it only up to six since preschoolers do not always have the stamina to complete the game if it goes up to ten.

Winter Letter Tiles
Winter Letter Tiles

Another popular activity with my students were these Winter Letter Tile cards, also found in my Winter Bundle.  A couple students who are still working at naming their letters spent quite a bit of time building words.  This helps me see that they are starting to recognize the visual differences between letters.  I chose to print the lowercase cards so that we are just matching lowercase to lowercase, but the set also includes blank cards (with the word under the picture) and cards with capital letters.

Winter Math and Literacy Centers Bundle
Winter Math and Literacy Bundle

For those of you looking forward to Spring, I have created a Spring Bundle that has all of my math and literacy ideas with a spring theme.

Spring Math and Literacy Centers Bundle
Spring Math and Literacy Centers Bundle