Pond Life in PreK


We start each day with our Question of the Day, so Pond Life week started with questions about turtles, frogs, and dragonflies from my Animals set.  I like having questions with photos, especially for students who may not have seen any of these creatures in real life.


On our fine motor and math table we played Feed the Frog with black pom pom flies.  I found the trash can at the local Dollar Tree, but they do not currently have them in stock.  I have seen other versions that use a parmesan container as well.  I would like to get some plastic flies (aff. link) to go with this game.  I had students roll the die to see how many flies to feed the frog with the tool.


I made a spinner for this path game so there would not be competing dice on the same table.  Students move their frog along the lily pad path to the finish.  These frogs (aff. link) look like the set I have used in several places in my classroom, including this game.  I also used the frogs in my sensory bin with water and pony bead and pipe cleaner tadpoles with green foam lily pads.


I used these ABC Turtles from maketaketeach, along with letter tiles for some work on letter sounds.  This is a center that mostly required some assistance from myself or my assistant to at least get them started with the activity since many know their letters, but are still working on letter sounds.


For the Pond word building students had to be able to match up lowercase and capital letters.  You can find the cards for this at A Teaching Mommy, along with several other printables for this theme.  I try to have my students sometimes match lowercase to lowercase and sometimes capital to lowercase or lowercase to capital letters when we use the letter tiles.


My writing center had a die with letters on it to practice writing on this sheet from PreKinders.  However, a couple girls ended up doing the heart grid above during their time at this center.  I promised to take a photo of it for one of the girls.


We are watching our caterpillars grow, so they are on the science table, along with frog life cycle stamps, some Pond Life words and some magnifying lenses.  Pond Life words were found at Sparklebox.  This is a UK website, so be sure to check wording and spelling for printables there.


I put out our Pond Life puzzles for my students to work on the large rug.  These are challenging puzzles, with no picture underneath, so are good for this time of the year.  The puzzles are say Excellerations by Discount School Supply on them, but I cannot find them anywhere online to share a link.


I could have used my frog themed calendar this month as well, but chose to use the insects set instead since I really like all these cute insects in this set.  We are also growing our caterpillars into butterflies as well as doing an insect theme this month.  If you really have a hard time deciding which calendar numbers to use each month, please check out my bundle.

During story time we used several pond animal themed books.  There are affiliate links to them below so that you can get a closer look at them by clicking on the book covers.

This version of Five Little Ducks is a board book with cut outs.  I usually use this one during farm week and read the next one during ponds week.

The illustrations by Ivan Bates in this version of Five Little Ducks are really cute.  I like how each duckling has something to give its mother when they return.

Jump! is one of those chain stories.  Each animal jumps because of a larger animal.  The version I have also has Spanish in it.

Frog and Toad stories are fun to share at this time of year because students are better at longer stories.  They also enjoy hearing stories that involve characters they know.

It’s Mine! by Leo Lionni is all about some frogs that are selfish and how they learn not to be.  I channel my inner three year old to read the lines of the selfish frogs.

This one has some great photos of frogs without filling the page with too many words for a preschooler to handle.

Preschool Pond Theme Activities

We recently completed our Pond theme in my preschool classroom.  We were lucky enough to get some gray tree frog tadpoles to visit our classroom during this theme.  The tree frogs like to lay their eggs in the water in our above ground pool before we open it for the summer, so we always save some of them before cleaning the pool.  They will continue to live in my classroom through the next month so we can watch them grow throughout our summer camps.

For some reason my sensory bin looks a bit less like a pond this year than last year, probably due to the fact that I was using our new larger sensory bin that is red instead of blue.  The bin has some flat blue glass beads in the bottom, a bunch of frogs purchased from Oriental Trading, some lily pads made from foam, and some tadpoles made with pony beads and a bit of pipe cleaner, inspired by this.  I used brown beads and pipe cleaner since that most closely matched our real tadpoles in the classroom.

Pond Sensory Bin
Pond Sensory Bin

For dramatic play I went for simplicity since we did not have a long time for centers during the week due to rehearsing for graduation.  I found this kiddie pool on clearance at the end of the summer last year and grabbed it to make it into a bird’s nest.  It also makes a great pond.  The lily pads are place mats I found at Dollar Tree.  I already had the frogs.  The ping pong balls are from Dollar Tree as well.  I wrote an alphabet letter on each one and students had to catch them with the net and then place them in the correct spot labeled with the same letter on small paint palettes.

Dramatic Play Pond Area
Dramatic Play Pond Area

Frogs are similar to the ones pictured above, found on Amazon.

I was also excited to find this small garbage can at Dollar Tree and created a frog for a counting game.  The other teacher I work with had some plastic flies.  Students rolled the dice and then used the tool to pick up and feed the frog.

Feed the Frog Flies Game
Feed the Frog Flies Game

We also had a fun catch the bugs game with pink toy noise makers that I also found at Dollar Tree.  I placed a section of velcro on the ends and cut up small pieces of felt for the children to catch with their frog tongues.  You can find out more about this idea here.

For my pocket chart calendar I would use these calendar cards:

 Frog Calendar Bundle
Frog Calendar Bundle

Calendar Bundle Frog Pond Theme

Have you done a pond theme in your classroom?