Summer Cooking Camp in PreK


After our preschool graduation we hold several three day camps in the summer for our preschoolers.  Our first camp had a cooking theme.

We made the following recipes during the camp:

Pizza Roll Ups  This was our first day’s snack.  I chose something I knew most students would like for the first day to make it more likely that they would try the snacks on the following days.


Apple Sandwiches  We used multigrain O’s cereal with these.  Students spread the peanut butter and placed the cereal on the apples.  I prepared the apple slices ahead of time.  We were fortunate enough not to have any peanut allergies during this camp so that we could try this snack.

Banana Pops  We prepped these on the second day of camp so that they could be ready for our final snack on the third day.

Green Hummus  On the final day of camp my assistant called students over to the Cuisinart to help put all the ingredients in the machine.  We served this with cut up carrots, broccoli, cucumber, and crackers.

Bread in a Bag and Butter

The butter was made by pouring a small amount of heavy whipping cream in a small container and shaking it vigorously for several minutes.  I had about five students make the bread and butter each day of the camp.  I took turns with the students shaking their containers until it turned into butter.  Once it turned into butter I drained off the liquid and sent home the butter with the loaves of bread.

While we had students rotating through our cooking activities the rest worked their way through centers I had set up.   I will share those with you next.

Dental Health Books and Circle Time Activities for PreK

I was gathering my dental health materials for our second week of healthy habits when I realized I might need a few more activities to round out the week.  When I get ready to plan a theme in my preschool classroom I try to divide up my plans into different areas to make sure I am covering everything I need to as I plan.  I try to gather my books and circle time activities together to make sure I have plenty for each day of the week.  Here are some of the dental health books and poems that I plan to use.

Dr. De Soto is a book that I think originally belonged to one of my own children before I started teaching preschoolers.  I enjoy being able to read longer books that have a story that my students really need to follow along with as I read.  I enjoy asking my students whether they think Dr. De Soto should treat the fox, what might happen if he does, and how will he keep from getting eaten in the process.

Many of my students have seen Little Bear episodes on television or on another electronic device, so Little Bear’s Loose Tooth might be familiar to some of my students.  We often talk about whether any of them have known anyone with a loose tooth.  Often there are older siblings to talk about.  We can also take guesses as we read whether each attempt at getting the tooth out will work.

Why Do I Brush My Teeth? is a nonfiction book with color photos and suggested activities on each page.  At least one of these suggested activities we will be doing this week with an egg and vinegar.  I also plan on having a few mirrors to pass around while I share this book, as well as having one with the book in my library area.

I Know Why I Brush My Teeth is a bit longer than the other books.  It is told as a story with a mother explaining to her son about teeth when he discovers a loose tooth.  There are lots of details in this book about tooth brushing, fluoride, foods to eat, visits to the dentist, cavities, and parts of teeth.  Some years I can read the entire book and other years I just read portions, depending upon the type of group of students I have.

I also make sure I share songs during the week that go along with our theme as well.  Here are links to a few that are easy to sing (love those piggy back songs to familiar tunes):

Brush Your Teeth (to Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Brushing (to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

I’ve Been Brushing (to I’ve Been Working on the Railroad) There are actually a bunch of songs here, just make sure they will work for you with the tune they suggest.  Sometimes I know it is just my lack of musical talent, but sometimes there is a word left out or something that just makes the words not quite work with the tune given.

Insect themed calendar set with three sets of cards for three pattern choices. Also has month headers, days of week, and seasons.
Insect theme calendar set

Since it is a new month I have just switched out my calendar numbers.  I did not go with a dental theme since the rest of our month will deal with spring type themes.  I decided I needed to use these great insects.  I discovered I had to laminate the last week’s worth last night because somehow I had managed to fit all the other numbers into little spaces during the year when I was laminating other stuff, but not 24-30.


I also plan to use my Question of the Day for healthy habits during circle time.  One student has the job for the week of tallying our responses and then we figure out which answer has the most and which has the least responses.   Healthy habits questions are in this Question of the Day set or you can find them in the bundle.

Do you have any favorites for circle time that involve dental health?